Paintball Prices


Kreature Painball is known for its simple yet fair prices. We offer packages suitable for any level of experience. The main difference between them is amount of paintballs which are included. Our basic packages include all rental gear plus some paint.

We also offer very reasonable prices for extra paintballs, as seen below. Players with their own gear are only required to pay the range fee and purchase paintball from us directly as our field only allows FIELD PAINT.

For group packages & corporate functions please contact us so we can arrange a perfect match for your paintball experience!

Paintball packages

These packages are a perfect choice for groups and players who have none or little paintball experience. The “experienced” deal is aimed at those players who have played before but have not acquired their own gear yet. To increase your experience further we strongly suggest to get your own mask, it should be the very first item worth considering if you find paintball to your liking. For more information about buying gear please visit our location or contact us.

Please note, the use of our braai facilities requires pre-booking, please call us for more info.

Own gear fees

  • R60 / person (includes range fee, unlimited air refills, not co2)
  • Corkage – R80 / box
  • CO2 – R2 / oz
  • Mask – R20
  • Full coverall – R20
  • Padding – R20
  • Air tank rental – R40
Extra paint (field paint)

  • R60 for 100 paintballs
  • R250 for 500 paintballs


Best choice for casual players
  • Range fee
  • Protective gear (mask, gloves, snoot, protective padding, full 1 piece coverall)
  • Unlimited air for the day (NOT CO2)
  • Marker
  • 100 paintballs
  • Extra paintballs are available @60.00 per pod of 100 paintballs

Birthday packages

At this time we only offer one ‘basic’ birthday package. If you have something special in mind, please contact us.



Paintball birthday package
  • Range fee
  • Rental of all protective equipment
  • Unlimited air for the day (NOT CO2)
  • Unlimited time on the fields
  • 200 paintballs
  • Army themed setup (Table, Chairs, Party packs, Plates, Decorations)
  • Free use of braai facilities