Rules and Game Play


Paintball is an extreme sport and as such, certain safety rules will apply. You will notice that there are 5 main safety rules which are taken very seriously. The only other “rule” is that you have fun. Before each game, the master ref calls a safety briefing where you will go through all rules and regulations.

  1. Safety masks must be worn at all times during game play and while on the field. At no time may the player remove his safety mask inside the game area. Should you get shot on the goggles or goggles fog up to the extent where you cannot see, raise your hand and ask for assistance from the referee. This is the most important rule, which it is why it is rule No 1. Any player found removing or even lifting his goggles while in the gaming area will be expelled from the game.
  2. All paintball markers will be left in the field after game play. At no time whatso ever will the paintball marker leave the field.
  3. There is a minimum range of 5m. At no time will players get closer than 5m and shoot each other
  4. If you are hit by a paintball and that paintball breaks on you, you are considered as out. If however the paintball does not break on you, you are not out. However, if you call yourself out and the paintball has not broken, you are still out.
  5. No overshooting, in other words, once a player has been “tagged”, under no circumstances will you continue shooting him.
  6. Do not pick up paintballs from the ground. They are considered as dead paintballs and could cause damage to the equipment and could hurt fellow players.
  7. Do not shoot the referees, they are there to assist you. Shooting a referee unnecessarily could cause you to be expelled from the game.

Game Play

There are multiple scenarios to choose from. Each scenario is an average of 20 min long depending on the group or event. Game play and scenarios can be played with any of the following:

  • 68 caliber paintball games for the ages of 11 and up
  • 50 caliber games for ages 4-6 (PEE WEE)
  • 50 caliber zombie games for ages 4 – 10