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DNA Paintball @ KREATURE is the newest field acquired in the DNA paintball Group’s rapidly growing family, and we have taken on the Kreature field to give players the opportunity to experience paintball the way it should be in their own area and with DNA Paintball’s long running history in the paintball game, it is quickly becoming a prime paintball playing field.

We intend to make the Kreature facility a favourite for all your corporate functions, team building and custom events, birthday parties, birthday themed parties and anything else you may want to use paintball for, and revive Kreature Paintball to its former glory.

While Recball and Magfed games are the best suited paintball games for this field, we will be adding a 5 man speedball field making it a hot spot for training and social games. Also, in the many changes we are making to the venue, we have already added commando parties, airsoft and outdoor Laser tag too. The range itself is split into four separate fields, with the one field being for speed ball, and the other fields for more scenario type games. One field is a bush ball player’s dream, with a car wreck, bunkers and forts bush and grass. The other field is a tyre and drum range, great for intense fun games and a kiddie field with wooden bunkers and tyres.

Situated on the main road across from the Northgate mall and Coca cola Dome, it is easily accessible and hard to miss. So, look out for events and specials and don’t miss out!

/ Mark & The Kreature Paintball crew